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June 17, 2009     San Pedro Valley News-Sun
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June 17, 2009

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - San Pedro Valley News-Sun 135 FIXED ,on ,owa been vital to keeping the program on track. Safe- Continued from A1 way is part of the pro- gram that allows auto- matic donations to go to litter of puppies can pro- local organizations when i duce up to 67,000 customers use their shop- unwanted dogs in a six- pars' card. year period. To make direct dana- "These statistics are tions, Watson said resi- powerful," Watson said. dents can call 720-4940. "That's why it is an ongo- The U.S. Humane Sod- ing program here in the ety said getting animals San Pedro Valley. We fixed not only protects work to get people to the health of a pet, but step up and get their pets also decreases the num- spayed and neutered." bar of animals being Paul Teza, supervisor euthanized in shelters of the Benson Animal every year. Shelter, said what people Teza said because of don't understand is that the out-of-control breed- by spaying one cat, they ing, especially with cats, will save the lives of shelters everywhere are thousands, overloaded. "It's a problem in the "A lot of people cam- o entire nation; Benson is merit on how many ani- not special," Teza said. mals are being eutha- ~One mamma cat can nized," he said. "But we have three litters of kit- have to. If they would tens in a year, and then just be responsible and that can easily climb to fix that one cat, they 100 cats." could save the lives of Watson said the thousands." process to seek help is Besides the local easy and only takes a humane society, Teza few minutes. Residents said the animalshelter is needing assistance can also working with a call Watson at 720-4940 mobile clinic that comes and answer a few ques- through Benson to do the Cute kitties: An older cat looks at two kittens left tions. The pet will be procedures at affordable at a local vet's office. The two kittens are now in scheduled for a checkup prices. with the veterinarian For more information, need of a home like many cats in the U.S. before the actual surgery contact Teza at 586-3600. takes place. The U.S. Humane Soci- humans, residents get their rabbits Watson said the only ety said there are also Fixing a female pet fixed. Rabbits reproduce Commuai~ problem with the pro- plenty of other reasons to also has its advantages faster than cats and dogs, gram is getting enough spay and neuter pets. because it will stop her and the outcome for the To submit your donations to keep the Homeless animals tend to from going into heat. unwanted critters is the community news, program going every wreak havoc in commu- Besides the need to same with many shelters drop by the San year. The SPVHS a non- nities, digging through decrease the unwanted having to euthanize high Pedro Valley profit organization solely trash, defecating in the population of cats and numbers of them every News-Sun office, supported by donations, neighborhood and biting dogs, the humane society year. located at: Over the years, War- or possibly attacking also recommends that zoo s. Ocotillo or send your information to: NCH David, many of whom an "Equine Assisted mentor kids; and be an P.O. I)rawer 1000 were with Child Protec- Learning" (EAL) program extra set of eyes." Benson, AZ 85602 tive Services (CPS) and in the fall Supplee acknowledges Continued from B2 Foster Care. "EAL ()ffers schools a the support of Mike and She has a long wish list way to address the needs Lisa Robertson of Robert- for her program now in of and re-engage students son Horse Sales in Benson the WiUcox area. in the educational and is seeking donations LEGAL NOTICE rhythm and balance with Supplee would like to process," said Supplee, from other local business- NOTICE the horse," said Visser, start networking meet- adding that it is "particu- es and individuals. (for publication) ARTICLES OF who heard about the pro- ings and support groups; larly effective with excep- She estimates that it ORGANIZATION HAVE gram from the state Divi- and would like to try to tional students, those with would take about $1,500 BEEN FILED~NTHE OmCE OF THE sion of Developmental get a van "to bring kids learning disabilities, and to "sponsor a horse for a ARIZONA Disabilities (DDD). out here." those at risk of dropping kid to ride" at her ranch. CORPORATION "I've seen a big "Folks here m:e very out." "l would really love to COMMISSION FOR improvement in his ability limited in terms of ' Supplee is also looking see the community sup- L & EAuto Ports.LLC tO walk and balance," she resources,, she said. "I for "anyone interested in port it more," Supplee L-15257328 said. would love to get a ~olunteering" at the said. The address of the Supplee, who moved to licensed ranch. Expertise with For further information know~ place of business Lazy Horse Ranch nearly psychologist/therapist for horses is not necessary, on Lazy Horse Ranch, Is: 695 E, 4th St., four years ago,. said she them here." "We need anybody contact Charlie or Ann Bonson, AZ85602 provided services for Supplee is in discussions good with youth," she Supplee at (520) 826-2206. ~_ The name and street : more than 120 kids in St. with area schools to begin said. "Anyone Who can address of the statutory agent is: - Edc Cartes LEGAL NOTICE 2.385 E.Gingerbread Lane. VISIT US ONLINE AT APPLICATION FOR AUTHORITY Benson AZ 85602 b e n s o n n ewe To TRANSACT BUSINESS www. ,N ARIZONA Management of the tim- Pursuant to A.R.S. Title 10, Chapter 15 and 38 ited liability company is reserved to the morn- The name of the corporatlon Is: TOP STONE, rnc. bars. The name(s] aria A(n) FLORIDA Corporation (State. Province or Coun- address(es) of each per- LEGAL NOTICE try) son who is a member is ...,!_ We are a foreign oorporation applying for (are): MAINTENANCE & OPERATION authority to transact business in the state of Arizona, / CURRENT CAPITAL OUTLAY Unda Comes COCHISE COUNTY SPECIAL TAXING DISTRICTS 1. The exact name of the foreign corporation IS: 2385 E. Gingerbread ANNUAL BUDGET TOP STONE Inc. Lane POMERENE FIRE DISTRICT If the exact name of the foreign corporation Is not Benson, AZ 85602 PROJECTED available for use i0 this state, then the fictitious name BUDGET adopted for use by the corporation In Arizona Is: Eric Cames ~r~ .(FN). 2385 E. Gingerbread Taxes: Lane Real estate taxes 40,450.00 2. The name of the state, province or country In Benson AZ 85602 Personal property taxes 1.400.00 which the foreign corporation IS Incorporated Is: c ntyflredis.,ct istanoetax F R,DA Publ, : June 3101, TOTAL TAXES . 48,350.00 2009 ~r11~rllkf'~"-~ Intergovernmental Revenue~ 3. The foreign corporation was Incorporated on San Pedro Valley News- Federal Grants the 9 day of February, 2001 and the period of Its Sun State grants duration is: INDEFINATE-YEARL PERPETUAL. State land To submit your Fees 4. The street address of the prlnclpal office of the LEGAL NOTICE Reimbursements foreign corporation In the state, province or country ARTICLES OF community news, TOTAL INTERGOVERNMENTAL REVENUES 48,350.00 ofltslncorporationls'. ORGANIZATION Charl~lS For Services: 3810 HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD drop by the San TOTAL CHARGES FOR SERVICES 0 HOLLYWOOD, FL33021 -EL ARIZONA LIMITED - Miscellaneous Revenuos: LIABILITY COMPANY P e d r o V a I I e y Projected carryover balance 11,000.00 5, The name and street address of the statutory (A.R~, 29-632) Interest earnings 650.00 agent for the foreign corporation In Arizona IS: L-] 523781-9 News-Sun office, TOTAL MISCELLANEOUS REVENUES S11.650.00 SHARONL. SACCO TOTAL REVENUES $00,000.00 995 West 4th Street STE. G 1. The name of the located at: PROJECTED Benson, AZ 85602 organization: A to Z AMUSEMENTS, LLC BUDGET 5a, The street address of the known place of busi- 2OO S. Ocotillo EXPENDITURES ness of the forelgn corporaflon in Arizona lF DIFFER- 2. Known place of busl- Personal Servlce ENT from the street address of the stotutow agent is: nose in Arizona insurance 4,000,00 N/A-SAME Address 755 E. McNEIL TOTAL PERSONAL SERVICES $4,000.00 RD BENSON AZ 85602- o r s e n d yo u r o~.o.,: 5b. The Annual Repod and general correspon- 6231 Fuel, oil and lubricants 2,000.00 dence should be mailed to the address specified information to: Repalrs and maintenance 4,000.00 abovelnsoction4 or5a_X_., 3. The name and street Small tools and minor equipment 5,000.00 address of the statutory P.O, Drawer 1 000 Communlcotions and dispatch 4,000.00 6. The purpase ot tho corporation is to engage ln ogentlnArizona Other.(ltemize) Clothing 25,000.00 any and all lawful business in which corporations ROBER1 J. MULUNS Benson, AZ 85602 TOTAL OPERATIONS: $40.000.00 may engage ln the state, prevlnoe or country under 755EMcNEILRD Other Servlc~ and Chargos: whose taw the foreign corporation is incorporated. BENSON AZ 85602-6231 Administration 500.00 with the folio.wing limitations If an~" Training 2,800.00 AccePtance Of ap~lnt- Insurance 6,000.00 7. The names and business addresses of the cur- ment by Statutory Public utility costs 2,500.00 tent directors and officers of the foreign corporation Agent: Repairs and maintenance. 2,000.00 are: (Attach additional sheets if necessary.) I, ROBERT J MULUNS, nov- Election reimbursements 700.00 YORKYS RAMIREZ, PRESIDENT [title) Ing been designate~t to Reimbursement for warrants 50,00 995 West 4th Street #G138 at as Statutory Agent, LEGAL NOTICE Reimbursement for County services 650,00 Benson AZ 8,5602 hereby Consent to act in Other (itemize) Audit 800.00 that capacity until ST DAVID FLOOD CONTROL DISTRICT TOTAL OTHER SERVICES AND CHARGES $16,000.00 ROBERT GENDLER - Vice President [title) removed or resignation is FY 2009 - 2010 Capital Outlay: 995 West 4th Street #G138 submitted In accor- TOTAL CAPITAL OUTLAY O Benson AZ 85602 dance with the Arizona EXPENDITURES PROJECTED TOTAL EXPENDITURES S60,000.00 Revised Statute. 8. The foreign corporation Is authorized to Issue Agent Signature: Is/ Wages 1200 AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE 1000 shares, Itemized as follows: CAttach additional RobedJ. Muffins FICA 100 Loyd Sherman Chairman of Board sheets if necessary.) :~nistratlon 1200 , Is/Loyd Sherman 612109 1000 shares of COMMON fclass or series] stock at 4. Purpose of this (Profes- OfficeSupplles 200 ;reneBrogan Board Member X no bar value or par value of Sl .0O per share, sional) Limited Liability Reimbursement for warrants 90 Is/Irene Brogan 6/2109 Company is ,e proved Reimbursement for County services 300 Election 400 RESERVE ACCOUNT 9. The foreign corporation has issued 1000 shares, the following (profession- itemized as follows: al service(s): (Only Professional Servk~es 450 COCHISE COUNTY SPECIAL TAXING DISTRICTS 1000 shares of COMMON (~ at series] stock at required for a Profession- Contingency 95,110 ANNUAL BUDGET ne par value or par value of $ per share, al LLC Company) (CountyServlces; for.use as needed " POMERENE FIRE DISTRICT for flood control) 10. The character of business the foreign corpora- PROJECTED tion initially Intends'to conduct in Arizona s: 5. Dissolution: The latest PROJECTED TOTAL EXPENDITURE ~.050 BUDGET INTERNET WEB SITES - WWW.TOPSTONE 1 .CaM date of Dissolution REVENUES WWWMARBLEARTE.COM _~_ The latest date te dis- REVENUE Taxes: DOted this 4th day of February 2009. solve 05/01 t2059 Real estate taxes 1,300.00 Projected Carryover Balance 96,750 Unsecured personal property taxes 200.00 Executed by Is/Robed Candler 6. Management Struct- Projected Earned Interest 2,300 TOTAL TAXES lt500-00 Duly Authoflzed Officer or Director ure: Miscellaneous Revenues: ROBERT GENDLER- Vice President A, _~_ RESERVED TO THE PROJECTED TOTAL REVENUE ~ Projected carryover balance 640.00 PHONE 520 826-0444 FAX 520 826-0446 MEMBER(S) Interest esmings 120.00 (optional) (optional) ROBERT J MULUNS FY BUDGEr JULY 1,2008- June 30,2009 TOTAL ~.050 TOTAL MISCELLANEOUS REVENUES $760.00 _~_ Member TOTAL REVENUES ~ $2,260.00 ACCEPTANCE OF APPOINTMENT BY STATUTORY 755E McNEIL RD President: Sam Judd EXPENDITURES AGEN1 BENSON AZ 85602 Machinery and equipment 2,260.00 The undersigned hereby acknowledges and Is/Lorinc Merrill TOTAL CAPITAL OUTLAY $2,260.00 accepts the appointment as statutory agent of this Executed thls Ist day ot Secretary: Lorina Merrill corporation effective this 5 day of FEB 2009 MAY, 2009 Phone: 720-,4736 AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE Is/Sharon L. Sacco Executed by Is/Robed J Loyd Sherman Chairman of Board SHARON L. SACCO Mulflns Public Hearing on Budget July 1, 2009 /s/Loyal Shermar~ 612109 ROBERT J MULLINS 9:30 AM~@ trene Brogan Board Member Lit signing on behalf of a company serving as 142 N. Sibyl Rd., St. David, AZ 85630 /s/Irene Brogan 6/2/09 statutory agent, print company name here) Publish: June 10, 17, 24, 2009 Publish: June 10, 17, 2009 Publish: June 10, 17, 2009 Publish; June 17, 24, July 1,2009 San Pedro Valley News- San P eclro Valley News-Sun San Pedro Valley News-Sun San Pedro Valley News-Sun . Sun ~ I News-Sun LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE NONCE AVISO LEGAL (for publication) ARTICLES OF AVISO DE ELECCI~N OI'~3ANIZATION HAVE BEEN FILED IN THE OFFICE El San Pedro Valley Hos- OFTHE pltal Dlstriot sostendr0 ARIZONA una ELECCION ESPECIAL CORPORATION DE VOTACI6N PeR COMMISSION FOR CORnEa (no habra $1tio de votocl6n en el d(a de I. Name: SUPER NATURAL eleccl6n) el MOdes, dla ORGANICS LLC 23 de Junio, 2009 Dora et I.-1519679-9 proposito de permltir a los electores callflcadas II. The address of the 'delSanPedroValle~Hos- known place of business pital District aprobar o is:.PO Box 86, St David Az desaprobar la centin- 85630, 586 N. Treaty Hill uaciOn de la imposicl6n Trail, St David fiscal secundarla corn- ente para proveer para III, The name and street ia operaciOn y manten- address of the Statutory ci6n del Benson Hospital Agenl Is: Jack Lemons El Impuesto secundarlo 586 N. Treat~ Hill Trail, St permaneceda a $0.90 David, Az per $100.00 de valo- rackSn asesada. (Pledse check A or B) A..(X) Management of Un vato de'St (aproba0 the limited Ilabilii~com- tendrO el efecto de party IS vested in a man- apropar la imposiclOn fls- ager or managers. The col secundarla de clnco names and addresses of aries, comenzando en each Derso~ who. is a 2009, de S0.00 par manager AND each S100,00 de valoraci6n member who owns aasesada. twenty percent or greater interest in the-Un vote de "No" capital or profits" of the (desaprobar) .tendr~ el limited liability company are: B, ( ) Management of the limited liability com- pany IS reserved to the members. The names and addresses of each person who IS a member are: (Please check appropri- ate box for each) J~-,.kLe~bns PO:Box 86 St,-~' Az. 85630 ~, ( ) member ( ) manager Publish: June 10, 17, 24, 2009 San Pedro Valley News- Sun LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF ELECTION The San Pedro Valley Hospital District wlU hold a SPECIAL MAIL BALLOT ELECTION (there wlll not be a polling place on election (Joy) on Tues- day, June 23, 2009 for the purpose of allowing the qualified electors of the San Pedro Valley Hospital District to approve or dis- approve the continua- tien of the current sec- ondary tax levy to pro- vide for the operation and maintenance of the Benson Hospital. The sec- ondary tax would remain at $0.90 oar $100,00 assessed valua- tion. A "Yes" (approve) vote shall have the effect of approving the five year secondary tax levy, beginning in 2009, of $0.90 per $100.00 assessed valuation. A "No" [disapprove) vote shall have the effect of dl~approvlng the five year secondary tax levy, beginning In 2009, of $0.90 per $100,00 assessed valuation. A ballot will be mailed to each registered voter within the San Pedro Val- ley Hospital District beginning on June 8, 2009. If you do not receive (3 ballot and reside within the San Pedro Valley Hospital Dis- trict, please contact the Cochlse County Recorders Office at 1- 888-457-45]3 by June 15, 2009, Ballots may be mailed back to the Coohise County Recorders Office in the postage patd, self addressed envelope or dreppe~ off at the'Benson Hospital District Office, 450 South Ocotllla, Benson, AZ by 7:00 p.m on Election Day. Moiled back ballots must be recelved by the County Recordor's Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. Replacement ballots (if you spoll your ballot an~l need a new one) ma~ be obtained at the Ben- son Hospital Dlstrlct Office, 450 South Ocoffi- Io, Ber~on, AZ from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mon- day threr,~oh Frldoy, from June 15, 2009 to June 22, 2009 and on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. or by contacting the County Recorder's Office at 1- 888-457-451.% Publish: June 10,17, 2009 San Pedro Valley News- .Sun efecto de desaprobar la imoosicl6n fiscal secun- darla de cinco aries, comenzando en 2009 de $0.90 par $100.00 de. valoraci6n asesada. Una boleta ser6 erwiada a cada votante registra- do dentro del San Pedro Valley Hospital District comenzando el dia 8 de Junio. 2009. SI usted no reclbe un boleta y restcle dentro del San Pedro Valley Hospital District, favor de Ilamar a la Oflc- Ina del Registrador del Condado Cochlse al 1- 888-457-4513 a mas tar- dar er dla 15 de Junio, 2009. Boleros se pueden envlar par correo a la Oflclna del Reglstrador del Condado Cochise en el franqueo pagado, sabre dirigido o dejado en la Officina del Benson Hospital, 450 South Ocotillc. Benson, AZ a mas tardar, las 7:00 p.m en el Dla de ElecclOn Boletos envlodos per correo deben set reclbldas per el Reg- Isfrador del Cohdado para los 7:00 p.m. en el D(a de Eleccl6n. Bolatos de reemplazo (el usted ~stropea su votacl6n y necoslto una nueva) pue~en mr obtanldos en la Oflclna del Benson Hospital Dis- trict, 450 South Ocoffilc, Benton, AZ de los 8:00 a.m. a los 5:00 p.m., Lunos a Vlernes, de,de el d/a 15 de Junlo, 2009 al d|'a 22 de Junlo, 2009 y el Modes, d[a 23 de JuNo, 2009 de los 6:00 a.m. a los 7:00 p.m. o lla- mando a la Oflclna del Regl,kador al 1-888- 457-4513. Publish: June 10, 17, 2009 San Pedro Valley News- Sun To submit your :0mmunity news, drop by the San Pedro Valley News-Sun office, located at: tO0 S. 0c0till0 or send your information to: P.O. Drawer 1000 Benson, AZ 85602